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Name:  Andrew B. Vydra      Birth date: January 19, 1974
Marital status: Married 
HOME: Grodno  Belarus
Phone: (375)-15-2......... and also few figures ...
Job title: Software engineer.

  Career Summary:  experience in application's design by Oracle tools -
- Developer Oracle 2000 ( Project, Forms 5-6, Reports…Builder);
- basic knowledge regarding Oracle Designer
Personal : I like work in a friendly team and making one's business.  Sense of  humor, almost steel nerves.
Work Experience: July 1996 - present : Large chemical plant "Azot" - at the department of automation management systems.
Some projects:
- Software for client control ( administration function for maintain reference book of clients )
- Software for cars account  ( general function for registration cars , transfer data  other firms  )
- Maintain of contract for Marketing Department ( input , registration , account specifications , account of storehouse documents, finance documents …)
Others skills and knowledge
IBM PC-compatible computers:
   - hardware  basic repairs;
   - software installation/tuning/support;
Operation Systems:
   - MS DOS, IBM PC-DOS, MS Windows 3.xx, MS Windows NT/95/98  MS Windows NT;
Most popular utilities/applications:
- MS Office 97;
- Some experience with graphical product - 3DMax ,PhotoShop ...;
1991 -1996 Diploma of Hrodno University on the specialty - computer programmer.
1997-1998  Diploma of Magistrate Course (academic degree: Magister of engineering science )